Google AdWords
How To Set Up A Successful Google AdWords Campaign Professionally With Step By Step Guide
Getting Started With AdWords & Creating A Campaign That Works

Google AdWords is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords that are related to their product or service in order for their clickable Ads to appear in Google's search results. When people search for phrases related to advertiser's offering, this appears as a “sponsored link”. The system is a “Charge Per Click” system, this means advertiser can dictate where his Ad appears through bidding for a series of phrases, but he only pay the amount he has bid for if someone clicks on his Ad as a result of a web search.

Does AdWords work?

Well depending on the competitiveness of the keywords the advertise is bidding for and the relevancy of those keywords to the offering and wither all that effort led to any conversions or sales. Google AdWords can be extremely effective for many kinds of businesses and could lead to generating huge sales, as long as advertiser don't waste his money on the wrong keywords, or write a weak or low Click Through Rate (CTR) Ads. Google AdWords is a great way to attract new customers in a cost effective manner, but it can be confusing and hard to master. This guide will explain what AdWords is and how you can use it to promote your business. This is a a complete step-by-step guide to setting up your first AdWords campaign.