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400+ Ready To Use ( Editable ) Email Templates

(1)- Over 400 + UNIQUE & PROFESSIONALLY Written Email Templates

(2)- READY To USE Email Messages

(3)- Editable Email Messages So That You Edit Them To Reflect Your Product Or Offer

(4)- Professionally Written Subject Lines For Each of The Email Message is Included

(5)- Just Add Your Destination Page Link ( Example: Sales Page ) & Its Ready To Go

(6)- Covers Almost Every Major Niche in The Market

(7)- No Need To Struggle Or Waste Time Writing Marketing Emails Any More!

(8)- Very Attractive & Eye Catchy Ready Subject Lines That Grab Visitors Attention

(9)- Powerful Ready Messages That Encourage Reader To Take Action & Drive Results

(10)- Just Copy, Edit, Add Links & Its Ready For Use. Can't Be Any Easier Than That!
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Spread The Word ..... Share It With friends & Families
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Email Marketing Mega Bundle
400+ Ready To Use ( Editable ) Email Templates

This Package is Here For Your Rescue. Over 400 Unique & Professionally Written, Ready To Go Email Templates That Covers Almost Every Major Niche & Are Editable The Way You Want.
How To Prevent Emails Going To Spam

This Package is Consists Of a Guide & Two Amazing Tools To Help You Get Your Emails Delivered To The Inboxes of Your Email Recipients & Not in To Their Spam Folder As Possible.
Email Marketing

With This Package, You Will Get To Know Everything About Email Marketing & The Process Of How To Perform It Correctly To Have a Full Functioning Email Marketing System In Place.
FREE Email Auto-Responder Software

To Run An Email Marketing System, You Must Have An Auto-Responder! And This FREE WordPress Plugin Auto-Responder is The Perfect Solution and Will Suite Any Email Marketing System You Build.
Secrets of Successful Email Marketing

This Package Has What You Need To Win Email Marketing Game. It Consists of Guides & Lessons That Enable You Master Email Marketing & Do Things The Right Way & Avoid Failure.
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How To Prevent Emails Going To Spam

(1)- Unique Guide on How To Avoid Messages Being Treated As Spam

(2)- Get Two Amazing Tools To Check For Potential Spamming Words

(3)- Very Simple & Easy To Use Tools That Will Save You Hours Of Work

(4)- First Tool To Check Your Subject Lines For Spamming Words & Get Suggestions

(5)- Second Tool To Check Your Message Body For Spamming Words & Get Suggestions

(6)- Guidelines On Formatting, Font Size, Using Symbols & Suggestions On Alternative

(7)- A List of Words That Are Considered As Spam Triggers To Avoid Them

(8)- Find Out Your Email's Spam Rate & Try To Reduce it To Improve Deliverability
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Email Marketing in simple term it’s all about sending a huge quantity of emails with just one click to a huge number of people.
The email contains your message and your advertisement of your website or an affiliate link or a banner, the receivers of your email may or may not be interested, however you could end up making huge traffic or sales using this method.
If you’re in a business that involves any sort of online presence, you can’t underscore the importance of email marketing
You Want To Make Money Online Now & For The Long Run Future? Then You Have To Have An Email Marketing System In Place For Your Business
What If We Give You 4 + 2 ( That is 6 ) Amazing & Definite Needed Packages As a Mega Bundle For An Exclusive Unbelievable Price That You Won't Find Else Where. Plus FULL Re-sale Rights Included FREE
Plus Get 2x Powerful Marketing Tools For Free As a Bonus
Theses Amazing & Unique Email Marketing Packages & Powerful Tools Will Help You Overcome Many Difficulties & Troubles Otherwise You Will Face Without Them To Operate An Email Marketing System For Your Business. It Will Save Your Precious Time & Money And Help You Run Your Business Smoothly.
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Package (1)

Package (2)

Package (3)

Package (4)


( Powerful Software)

Email Marketing Mega Bundle ....
Total Value
The Email Marketing Mega Bundle Market Value
Price Under Promotion ...........................................
Full Resale Rights Included FREE
All these Packages and tools are fantastic and can help you greatly if you use them in running your own email marketing system for your online business
But we would like to help you even further by giving you the chance to sell these packages and tools and Make Even More MONEY!
That's why we have INCLUDED the Resale Rights for FREE in this bundle for ALL of the packages & tools in this Email Marketing Mega Bundle
So that you can start using these packages and tools as your own online digital product to make even more profit.
This means you can sell the Email Marketing Mega Bundle yourself and keep all the money
Just make one sale to recover your investment plus profit depending on the price you will sell
Tutorials on how to use The Auto-Responder Software is included too.
You can also use these Packages & Tools Bundle as a valuable bonus with other items you sell to explode your sales to the roof
Or sell it to your subscribers or members at a discounted price to make them happy, build trust and good relationship with them which is good for the long term business and make some money at the same time too
Or give it away free as a valuable bonus or as a lead magnet on your Capture Page/Opt-in Page to grab more subscribers and build your email list quickly

( Amazing Tools )

FREE Essential Marketing Tools

This Bonus is a Report of Amazing Powerful FREE Tools Available Online That You Can Use in Your Online Marketing And in Run Your Email Marketing System.
Email Marketing

(1)- Learn About Email Marketing Fundamentals & How To Do it The Right Way

(2)- Get To Know Email Marketing Requirements and Mechanism

(3)- Learn How To Build Your First Email List Using An Auto-Responder

(4)- Learn To Integrate a Capture Page With An Auto-Responder Using a Capture Form

(5)- Get To Know The Three Types of Email Messages You Will Need in Any Campaign

(6)- How To Write Emails The Right Way & Build Trust With Readers

(7)- How To Write The Perfect Message For Email Marketing

(8)- How To Set Up The Auto-Marketing Messages Events in The Auto-Responder

(9)- How To Comply With GDPR & ePrivacy Policy If Targeting EU Residence
Secrets of Successful Email Marketing

(1)- Learn About The Art Of Email Copywriting

(2)- Best Advises On Basic Rules To Follow

(3)- A Check List For Effective Email Marketing

(4)- How To Increase The Open Rate Of Your Emails

(5)- Get To Know The Secrets Of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns
FREE Email Auto-Responder Software

(1)- One Of The Best WordPress Plugin Auto-Responders Available Online

(2)- It Allows Scheduling Of Automated Autoresponder Messages and Newsletters

(3)- Manage Your Mailing List Easily

(4)- Build Unlimited Lists With Unlimited Subscribers

(5)- Send Unlimited Emails & Newsletters To Your Lists

(6)- Add, Edit, Delete and Import/Export Members or Subscribers

(7)-Allows You To Generate a Capture Form To Capture Leads (Emails)

(8)- Place The Capture Form in Any Capture Page/Opt-in Page, Website or Blog

(9)- Set Up The Time & Dates Emails To Be Sent

(10)- Works With Most of SMTP Out There Even The Free Ones

(11)- Easily Install Any of The Available Free SMTP Plugins For WordPress

(12)- Unsubscribe Link is Automatically Added To Every Outgoing Message

(13)- Complaint With GDPR With Double Opt-in Features & Unsubscribing Links
Essential Online Marketing Tools

(1)- Get Your Hand On Some Amazing Powerful FREE Tools Available Online

(2)- Huge List Of Free Tools That You Will Be Amazed

(3)- Essential Free Tools To Build Your Online Business

(4)- Must Have To Run Your Email Marketing System

(5)- Helpful Tools For Content Making, Graphic Designing & Much More

(6)- So Much Other Benefits You Can Get From Using These Free Tools

(7)- Its All Free. Saves You Money & Time
What Others Saying About Email Marketing
Here’s EXACTLY What You Get Today
(1)- 400+ Ready To Use ( Editable ) Email Templates: Unique & Professionally Written, Ready To Go Email Templates That Covers Almost Every Major Niche & Are Editable The Way You Want

(2)- How To Prevent Emails Going To Spam: Get Your Emails Delivered To The Inboxes of Your Email Recipients & Not in To Their Spam Folder

(3)- Email Marketing: Learn What is Email Marketing All About & How To Have a Full Functioning Email Marketing System in Place.

(4)- Secrets of Successful Email Marketing: Get To Know How To Master Email Marketing & Do Things The Right Way & Avoid Failure

PLUS + Get 2X Amazing Bonuses Absolutely For FREE
BONUS(1)- FREE Email Auto-Responder Software: A Powerful WordPress Plugin Auto-Responder That Will Fulfill Your Need To Automate Your Email Marketing Activities

BONUS(2)- Essential Marketing Tools : Get a Huge List of Some Amazing & Powerful Online Tools That Will Help You Build & Perform Many Activities For Your Online Business

PLUS Full Resale Rights Included FREE

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Money Back Guarantee
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This Email Marketing Mega Bundle consist of some powerful and unique packages, learning materials and easy-to-use software & tools that ELIMINATES everything that’s complicated about running a functioning Email Marketing System & making money online.

Sure, you could outsource all this, but you’ll instantly save you countless hours and hundreds of dollars when compared with outsourcing all of this.

To make it easy for you to see just how unique & powerful these materials, software & tools are, we’re giving you 30 days to use this and make sure it’s for you with NO risk.

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You may be a good writer, but don't have the time to write so many emails for your email marketing campaigns Or it could be that you don't know how to write marketing emails that attract prospects and encourage them to take action which results in more sales and more income. Well this package is the solution for your email marketing problem.
The Guide Have Some Precious Advices & Guidelines on How To Write Spam Free Subject Lines And Email Messages & How To Avoid Spamming Words Within Your Email Body or Subject Line & Will Show You a List Of Spamming Words That You Need To Avoid.
The Amazing Tools Provided in This Package Will Help You Analyse The Email's Subject Line & The Email's Body. Also It Will Analyse Its Source Code And Shows What Types Of Corrections Should You Bring About To Lessen The Spam Rate, And Correspondingly To Increase Deliverability.
It's important to know if your messages are spam before sending them to recipients. Email servers imply sophisticated technologies and spam filters to eliminate spam attacks.
Learn what is email marketing all about, what are the requirements you need to meet in order to establish an email marketing system, how to start building an email list, how to integrate your auto-responder with your capture page/opt-in page.
Also you will get to know what are the three main types of emails you need to have or prepare for any email campaign, how to write email messages the right way and how to setup your email marketing events automation & comply with GDPR.
With this package you will get an email check list to help you map the whole process, email etiquette to win over recipients and how to increase open rate, understand email copy right basics and of course learn about some email marketing secrets that drive success.
Some of the benefits using this auto-responder are: it allows scheduling of automated autoresponder messages and newsletters, and managing a mailing list. You can add/edit/delete and import/export members. There is also a registration form or capture form which can be placed in any capture page/opt-in page, website or blog to capture leads (emails). You can schedule unlimited number of email messages. Messages can be sent on defined number of days after user registration, or on a fixed date. Once scheduling is done the auto-responder will automatically start sending the pre-set e-mail messages (email series) to your list as per the time table you have set.
Without tools and software you cannot build your online business or establish your email marketing system. Plus if you don't know where to find such tools, you may end up paying lots of money to get them. Therefore these free tools can be of a great help.
= $180.00

= $80.00
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