Bing Ads
The Cheaper Search Engine Advert Option With High Conversion & Great ROI
Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft Bing Network is 29% of the search marketplace (that’s nearly one-third of all search queries in the US)

Bing Ads aim is to make paid search easy and ensure that it gives you a powerful return on the time and money you invest.

Advantages of Advertising on Bing Search Engine:

1) Bing Ads drives more leads, more sales and more traffic for less money.

2) The travel audience on Bing rocks. 16 million folks search Bing for travel-related purchases

3) Bing is beautiful. Many searchers make Bing their default search engine because they want to see its new, beautiful photo of the day.

4) Bing powers search beyond Microsoft, for partners including Macintosh, Kindle, Fire Phone, Netflix and Facebook. Bing is bigger than its search box

5) Bing is growing audience share globally and in the US it still continued growing

6) Click-through rates and cost-per-click is less than many other search engines

7) People on Bing are a little older than Google searchers. Which means they have more money in hand and savings to spend

8) Bing households have an average of one to four children. Which means a great opportunity to advertise children and school related products and services

9) Bing Ads share of search in the US has grown 125% since launch.

10) Bing has an included Google Import tool which makes it quick and easy to bring successful, established campaigns quickly over to Bing Ads.

11) More ladies search on Bing, which is a great news for marketers

12) Bing Ads mobile clicks and searches delivered have grown 166% year-over-year. This is aggressive. It’s also an invitation to advertisers

13) Bing Ads mobile audience represents 34% of the mobile search market.

14) Bing Ads is less expensive than many other search engines available online, with great ROI opportunity for all advertisers.

Using Bing ads to advertise on the search engine Bing is very simple and straight forward