ClixTrac is a free banner and link tracking service to shorten and track links, with an option to upgrade to paid services to unlock many other advanced features that allows you to maintain track of how many times your Ads and links (affiliate links, website/Blog’s URL links) are being viewed and clicked.
The URL Link Shortening, Cloaking & Tracking System You Must Have- Free & Paid Options
This exceptional service can be used to track all the advertisements that you place on your own website and those you place on other’s websites.
You can track image advertisements (Banners) and text advertisements (Text Links) to observe the number of impressions and clicks, the click-through rate percentage, the clicker's IP address, and the referral page that the click originated from. You can also track sales conversions to see which one of your ads is driving the most sales which is very good when it comes to optimizing your links and advertisements.
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Video (3)- Tutorial - How To Create & Use Conversion Code
Video (4)- Tutorial - ClixTrac Quick Overall Training